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With winter ending and the spring season arriving, it is easy to get sick. Daylight savings, the flowers blooming, and the days getting longer, it can be easy to get run down and let illness ruin the nicer weather. It takes some steps to get yourself ready to avoid the illnesses that come with the changes of the season.



Something you are always told as a child is to wash your hands. Now even as an adult, you are being told to wash your hands to avoid sickness. Since the sun is starting to come out more, so are people. It creates more interaction with bacteria the body wasn’t used to during the winter time. It also increases socialization events where people gather more frequently. This increases the bodies exposure to germs and can cause illness more easily.


Intake of Fluids

Drinking more water can help when preventing illness. It prevents the bodies nasal passages and throat to dry out. Drinking a glass of room-temperature with lemon can help prevent bacteria to start growing in those passages. It is also helpful if the body is already infected with a cold to recover.



Warmer weather means there are more activities to do and more daylight hours to do them. Many people overbook their weeks and weekends with activities and forget a very important one. Sleeping. Making sure you are getting the recommended amount of sleep every night could help prevent getting sick.



Unfortunately, seasonal allergies could be the main reason people do not get to enjoy the season change. If you have allergies, you will want to keep track of the pollen count and be prepared to handle the situation. Dry, windy days are typically the worst days for people with allergies and the day after rain is the best. Keep windows and doors shut during the higher pollen count days and if you are going to be outside a lot consider a pollen mask. Taking preemptive measures and take medicine before you start to feel the symptoms.



Having a healthy diet is important for any season. Some foods have been shown to increase preventive measures against colds and cases of flu. Salmon, garlic, citrus, yogurt, tea, greens, blueberries, and dark chocolate has been proven to help keep illnesses at bay.


The change in the seasons can affect anyone but it is better to be prepared. So instead of dreading the beginning of spring, welcome it by preparing your body!