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Healthcare professionals can take a lot away from watching TED talks. These conferences give people the opportunity to share their knowledge in their industries. It has immensely grown since it began back in 1984. TED talks cover dozens of topics that are beneficial to people all over the world. Experts have done many in the healthcare industry. Here are a few talks for healthcare professionals.


Who Owns Genes?

In the past, people were able to patent genes. The patent holders held the right to stop genes from sequencing, testing, or even being looked at. Healthcare professional, Tania Simoncelli was troubled by this. Her colleagues and she believed it created a barrier in medical innovation. In her TED talk, Who Owns Genes?, she shares her story of how she went to the Supreme Court to abolish the patenting regulations even when everyone said they would fail.


A New Way to Grow Bone

Molly Stevens introduces a new stem cell application that is able to harness the bone’s ability to regenerate and produce more of the bone tissues without any pain. Bone regeneration was very limited and painful years before. This discovery and the advancement in technology can be beneficial for cancer patients and those who have cardiovascular disease.


What Your Doctor Won’t Disclose

Leana Wen wanted to enlighten the audience with information that your doctor may not be disclosed to you. Secrets such as the relationship with pharmaceutical companies or their social philosophies. She wanted to shine more light on the promotion of physicians disclosing information and also how physicians reacted to her campaign.


The Amazing Story of the Man Who Gave Us Modern Pain Relief

Latif Nasser highlighted the works of Dr. John Bonica in his speech. Bonica was a circus performer and wrestler while he was working to get through medical school. Due to his active careers, Bonica was no stranger to painful injuries. He used his own experiences to improve the field of pain management. Nasser felt a connection to speak about Bonica due to watching his own mother suffer from debilitating pain.


We can learn so much from others and that is what is so beneficial from these TED talks. We get to learn from other peoples experiences and help them shape our own future.