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In the medical profession, I’ve found that we can all learn from each other’s stories and experiences. One of the biggest platforms for sharing knowledge is TED and TEDx talks. Over the years, there have been countless incredible speakers who have shared a message that can make us better healthcare professionals, as well as better people. Here are a few must-see videos. 

Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?

This talk by Brian Goldman is one of a kind because it brings to light something so ingrained in the medical community that many of us don’t even think it’s a problem. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are humans. We all make mistakes. In medicine, sharing our mistakes can help others avoid them in the future. However, we’re often encouraged to remain silent about errors instead of turning them into teachable moments. Goldman has great ideas for a more transparent and realistic future in the medical community. 

What really matters at the end of life?

In this video, Dr. BJ Miller discusses a topic that many people find unsettling. As a hospice and palliative medicine doctor, Dr. Miller is surrounded by the subject on a daily basis. This prompted him to think more deeply about how we treat patients when it’s apparent that their life will be ending shortly. This talk touches on the medical community’s duty to treat patients with dignity at the end of their lives, but it also provides insight into what really matters throughout the course of our entire lives. His human-centered ideas of care are very apparent throughout the entire speech, making it clear that he cares deeply about his patients. 

Reading minds through body language. 

In this talk, Lynne Franklin reveals some of the small things we should be mindful of when communicating with others. Often, it’s our body language that has a louder voice in the conversation than our words do. As healthcare professionals, we need to be especially conscious of how we deliver messages to patients. The smallest moments can be avenues for clearer and more meaningful communication. 

The next revolution in healthcare? Empathy. 

Dr. Paul Rosen is a pediatric rheumatologist who is dedicated to improving the patient experience in healthcare. His big-picture thinking involves topics like minimizing delays by allowing patients to book emergency appointments online, as well as how doctors can make patients more comfortable while in their care.